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Oct 21, 2021 - Launching Troopr Wiki Public Beta

Today we are thrilled to launch Troopr Wiki public beta. This will be the first time customers can signup for Troopr Wiki product.
Setting up a traditional team wiki can be hard and getting your team to use it can be harder. That is why we made Troopr Wiki to easily access your team's knowledge during their conversations in Slack.
Troopr can automatically find relevant answers to questions posted in your Slack channel(s). Just designate a channel for the purpose and connect it to your Confluence wiki using Troopr.
In addition, if you are managing support for your team, you can

October 5, 2021 - Support for Confluence integration in Slack

Get instant suggestions from Confluence in Slack
You can now receive instant suggestions from Confluence in Slack. Link on the suggestions take you to the dedicated Confluence page. Read the article and (optionally) vote the suggestions for Troopr to improve the search accuracy the next time.
Last modified 8mo ago