Getting Started
Troopr Wiki lets you automatically answer employee requests in Slack.
Thank you for choosing Troopr.
If you are not already connected to Confluence, please read here about connecting Troopr to your Confluence account.

1. Invite Troopr to a Slack Channel

Invite Troopr to a channel by typing the following command /invite @Troopr Assistant Follow instructions to setup the channel for Troopr Wiki.

2. Connect Confluence spaces

Follow instructions here to connect Confluence space(s) to the channel

3. [optional] Tune the Confluence search behavior

Follow instructions here to configure matching options for the search.

4. Inform team to post requests in the Slack channel

Inform the team that requests in the channel may now be automatically answered by Troopr.

5. Search & share Confluence pages on demand

When Troopr does not automatically answer or Troopr answers does not resolve the request, you can trigger a search on the request on demand and share the appropriate result as answer in channel. See more details on how to do that here.

6. Track usage metrics

Periodically track usage metrics to improve adoption and efficiency of Troopr Wiki service.
Last modified 6mo ago