Setup Agent Triage Channel
Setup a support agent triage channel in Slack
Support tickets may come from many sources. It may come from Slack via Troopr or from an email or filed in the Jira customer portal or any other source. Irrespective of the source, the purpose of an agent triage channel is to serve as hub for all tickets notifications, be it for new ticket creation or for updates.

Benefits of setting up an agent triage channel in Slack

  • One place for all ticket notifications
  • Collaborate with all agents in the Slack channel
  • Private space for agents to discuss and update tickets
  • Quickly scan through all recent activity in the channel
  • Easily assign, update tickets in Slack
  • Dedicated Slack thread for each ticket showing ticket activity
  • 2way sync in Slack thread with ticket comments
  • Discuss with customers in Slack thread


  • Troopr Help Desk product should be enabled in your Troopr workspace
  • Troopr should be connected to your Jira

Steps to setup agent triage channel

  • Designate an existing channel where your agents team members are there as the agent triage channel or create a new one. Note this is usually a private channel to restrict access to agents only.
  • Add Troopr to the designated triage channel
  • Click on Onboard Troopr and choose "Setup Agent Triage Channel" option
  • Follow instructions to setup the channel to receive ticket notifications from your Jira Service Management project