Ticketing in DM channels
Handle requests from employees in direct chat (DM channels) with them
The least friction path for customer (employees) to report issues is to post a chat message directly to support team member they know in Slack. However this makes tracking these requests tedious for the support team. With Troopr, you can easily capture these conversations into Jira tickets.


  • Troopr is connected to your Jira
  • Troopr HelpDesk is enabled in your workspace
  • [optional] Authorize Troopr for advanced features in DM channels

Ticketing in DM channels

  • Click on three dots menu in the top right of the message and then choosing “More actions” and selecting "Task It". If "Task It" is not available, look for it in "More message shortcuts".
  • Dynamic issue creation form will open. Defaults will be set as per channel preferences. Fill in other details as required and submit
  • Customer will receive a private message from Troopr about this ticket
  • Customer can add comments to the issue in the private message thread
  • Customer will receive notifications about any updates to the ticket

Authorizing Troopr for advanced features

Agents can authorize Troopr to post on their behalf in the DM channels. This will allow Troopr to
  1. 1.
    Post about the ticket that got created in the DM channel.
  2. 2.
    Convert multiple messages in the conversation to a ticket (multi-message task it).

How to authorize Troopr for DM channels

Navigate to the Troopr web app and then to "Jira Bot" and to "Personal Preferences". In the "Use Troopr in DM channels" section click on "Allow" to start the authorization workflow.
Once authorized, the permission can be revoked anytime by clicking on "Revoke Permission" in the same section.