Setup Customer Support Channel
Setup a employee support channel in Slack
Troopr HelpDesk lets you setup an employee (customer) support channel (HelpDesk) that automatically syncs employee requests with Jira tickets. Purpose of this channel can be for employees to report IT support requests or any other type of requests, support queries they may have.

Benefits of setting up a employee support channel in Slack

  • One place for employees to submit any support request
  • No additional login or need to remember a process to submit support requests
  • No form filling, employees can simply post a chat message
  • Easily discuss the issue with the support team in the channel
  • Automatic ticket creation support by Troopr
  • Automatic 2-way syncing of Slack conversation into Jira
  • Get notified of updates directly in the same Slack conversation
  • Get instant answers from knowledge base with Troopr Wiki


  • Troopr Help Desk product should be enabled in your Troopr workspace
  • Troopr should be connected to your Jira

Steps to setup agent triage channel

  • Designate a channel where your employees will post support requests. Note this is usually a public channel and information about this channel is shared with all employees.
  • Add Troopr to the designated employee support channel
  • Click on Onboard Troopr and choose "Setup Customer Support Channel" option
  • Follow instructions to setup the channel to automatically create tickets and sync them in your Jira Service Management project