Support Channel Preferences
Setting channel level defaults and other settings
Troopr behavior in a customer support channel can be customized in the channel preferences page.


  • Troopr HelpDesk is enabled in your workspace
  • Troopr should be connected to your Jira
  • Your Jira account is verified in Troopr

Customizing support channel behavior

  • Get started by typing /t configure command in the Slack channel.
  • Click on "Advanced Settings" to get redirected to the channel preferences page for the channel in Troopr web app.
Alternatively, you can navigate to Troopr web ap ( and then to "Jira Bot" in the side panel and select "Channel Preferences". In the channels page, select the channel to configure or pick a new channel from the drop down list.
  • Configure the channel settings in this page
  • Channel Defaults: Setup This will be used when a new Jira ticket is created using commands or "message action".
  • Restrict Channel configuration: Configure who can make changes to the channel settings. There can be one or more channel admins.
  • Ticket creator as Assignee: The person who creates the ticket will be made assignee for the ticket automatically. When creator does not have permission, ticket will be left unassigned.
  • Enable Thread Sync by default: When a ticket is created, any further conversation in the Slack thread will be synced with Jira as ticket comments and vice versa.
  • Request CSAT feedback: When ticket is closed, reported will be sent a notification to submit feedback.