Authorize Troopr to act on behalf
This article describes when and how you need to authorize Troopr to perform some advanced ticketing functions.
Support Agents can authorize Troopr to act on their behalf in channels where Troopr cannot be added. Example in DM channels with other users. Agents who need this, need to follow the steps below to complete the authorization. The authorization can also be revoked at any time.


  • Troopr is connected to your Jira
  • Troopr HelpDesk is enabled in your workspace

Steps to Authorize

  • Login to Troopr app here:
  • Click on "Jira Bot" in the left side panel and choose "Personal Preferences"
  • Click on "Give Permission" button in the "Use Troopr in DM channels" section
  • Follow instructions to complete the authorization process
Users can revoke permission by clicking on "Revoke Permission" in the "Use Troopr in DM channels" section in the same page.