Getting Started
Getting Started with Troopr HelpDesk
Thank you for your interest in Troopr HelpDesk.
Troopr HelpDesk automatically creates and syncs Jira tickets with Slack conversations. You can get started with Troopr HelpDesk by setting it up for your use case.


    If you have not already, follow these instructions to install Troopr in your Slack workspace.
    Follow instructions here to connect Troopr to your Jira Service Management account (Cloud, DC and Server)

Getting Started

You can start by setting up the following
    A private Slack channel for agent team to triage support tickets
    A public Slack channel for employees to post requests

Other features to check out

    Processing Approval workflows in Slack
    Capturing employee feedback in Slack
    Capturing employee requests in DM channels in Slack
    Looking up and updating Jira tickets in Slack
    Emoji ticketing
    How 2-way sync works
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